DecorADDA Nut and Snack storage Bag 3L / 4M / 3S (Pack Of 10)

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Set of 10 Food Good Plastic Film storage bags with zip lock - perfect for storing Nuts, Snacks and Namkeens.

These  Sealable Vacuum Food Grade Bags come in 3sizes - The small size bags can be ideal to store spices , nuts , mouth fresheners etc.

The medium size bags can be used to store biscuits , savories , pickles , jams etc.

The bigger size ones can be used to store sugar , flour, pulses , tea and coffee powders etc.

They have cute mason jar print on them that will go with your furniture. They take less space and convenient to carry to picnics , camping , travelling etc. 

Material: Polyethylene (PE)

Product Weight: 100 gms

Product Dimensions: 3L 500 Ml / 4M 300 Ml / 3S 150 Ml

Package Content: 10 Pcs