DecorADDA 4 Blade Portable Electric Juicer

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Drinking fruit juices, smoothies or milk shakes anytime anywhere made super easy with the DecorADDA portable 4 blade Juicer which also serves as a bottle to drink from directly!

Rechargeable & Portable

This conveniently sized light weight design is easy to carry to college, office, parks, camping or anywhere you want to and it's also convenient for charging by power bank, laptop, computer, car or other USB devices.

    The USB juicer cup comes equipped with a built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily charged by power bank, laptop, computer, mobile charger. It's very portable and great for traveling, outdoors.

    It has a reverse USB port also - so if your juicer is charged, but your phone is out of charge on a trip, you can use it to charge your phone!

    It has a double click to start button so it is not turned on accidentally and it does not work while it is charging. 

    A wide range of uses - Useful for everyone!  

    With our juice blender you can mix all kinds of fruits and vegetables and make your favorite natural tasty juice, milkshake, cold coffee or smoothie.

    Into health and fitness? Why not use it for protein shakes! 

    Yes, it can even be used for baby food!



    Super Fast Juicer: Heavy Duty Motor operating at 15000-22000 RPM, getting your juices and smoothies ready super quick! Average juicing times:

    • Apples/Pears/Beetroot/Pineapple etc: 1-1.5 min
    • Orange/Lemon/Strawberry/Grapes/Watermelon/Mango etc: 45-60 seconds

    Self clean - Just add water, liquid soap if required and turn it on to clean it! 

    The juicer cup's body and bottom can be separated when required.

    How to use it correctly?

    If you follow the below steps, you can juice almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables easily!

     1) Wash the fruits and cut them in to small-medium pieces. Put a little water (or milk/ice cream for shakes) in the juicer till atleast the level of the blades. Some water or milk is needed initially for smooth operation to get the blender flow moving.

    2) Fill max 40-50% of the Juicer bottle with your choice of fruit and close it tight.

    3) Double press the switch to turn it on and shake it intermittently to get fast and smooth juicing. (In case you are making a thick mixture with very little water, you can turn it around before starting to give the blades free rotation power at start) 

    3) Once the initial quantity of fruit is juiced, then add the rest of the fruit in the bottle. Start it again and shake intermittently as required and watch your juice/smoothie get ready in a few seconds ! 

    4) Turn off the button once done, open the cap and pour it in a glass or drink straight from the bottle! You can choose to use the given mesh cap or open the cap fully depending on the thickness and texture of your choice of juice.

    Note: The juicer comes with only limited charge for testing purpose. It should be fully  charged before using it for the first time (3 hours for full charge. Blue light indicator once fully charged)  

    Specifications: What is inside, is what differentiates the best selling DecorADDA juicer from lookalikes!

    Blades: 4 Blades- High Quality Stainless Steel (SUS304)

    Motor: Heavy Duty Copper Motor operating at 15000-22000 RPM, getting your juices and smoothies ready super quick!

    Filter & Lid: Foodgrade Polypropylene (PP Plastic)

    Body: Foodgrade Impact Proof Transparent Polycarbonate (PC Plastic)

    Base: ABS Plastic

    Sealing Rings: Silica Gel

    Cup Body: PC

    Product Dimensions: (L x B x H) 7.5 x 7.5 x 23 cm

    Capacity: 380 ml

    Comes in 4 attractive colors.


    Keep away from the reach of small children to avoid them opening it as it has sharp blades.

    Exercise due precaution while cleaning the bottom portion with blades- do not switch it on. Best and easiest way to clean is by adding water and soap and switching it on. 

    Do not dip the bottom part in water while cleaning as it contains the motor, battery etc which could get damaged.

    Payment Modes and Shipping:


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    Cash on Delivery Available with Rs. 40 COD Fees.

    We ensure fast and smooth delivery through premium Courier partners - FedEx, Delhivery, ExpressBees & Ecom Express. You will get regular tracking updates via SMS as well as email.

    Delivery time:

    Mumbai/Pune: 1-2 days | Other Metros: 2-4 days | Rest of India: 4-7 days 

    We love to connect with our customers, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on Whatsapp, FB Messenger or Call! 

    Some FAQ's we get on Whatsapp:

    Q. I have seen some Portable USB juicers on other websites / Marketplaces and all look similar in the photos. Are all these same?

    A. Most of the juicer-blenders look similar in the pictures as many websites use common photos, but the real product sent by them is not same. In cases, the actual product also looks similar from outside, but as we have mentioned in the product specifications above, it is what is inside the machine that makes all the difference! We have tested more than 10 varieties of Portable juicer, some of them look exactly same but there is more than 100 grams difference in weight ! 

    Q. There are juicers with 2 / 4/ 6 Blades. Does it make a difference? 

    There are broadly 3 blade categories of USB juicer and each of them come in varying build quality. Theoretically speaking, higher number of blades result in finer texture and better juicing, but also have have cost implications and practical implications - fruit gets cramped and stuck between blades at the start when there are too many blades.

    2 Blade: This is lowest price and least efficient. Most of the 2 blade models come with low build quality also.

    4 Blades: This the most efficient, practical and cost effective.

    6 Blade: This is more efficient than 2 blade, but less practical as smaller size fruit pieces get stuck between the blades and needs to be shaken and adjusted more often. Also in most models, due to the higher cost of having 6 blades, costs are reduced in other important aspects like Motor RPM, Cup Plastic quality etc, making the overall product poor.

    We source and sell only this 1 particular high quality heavy duty model - DecorADDA 4 Blade USB Juicer right from the start which we have found to be of the best quality - it ensures we have satisfied customers referring us to their friends and helping the Decor ADDA juicer become one of the highest selling portable juicers in India in just a few months time.

    Also, we strive to be extremely accessible to our customers and provide the highest level of customer service. If you face any confusion while operating your juicer, you can contact us on WhatsApp and we will send you a demo video and help you out!

    Q. Can we add dry fruits, ice etc in the juicer. Will it work?

    A. It will work and can crush ice easily and may be done once in a while, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED as repeatedly using it for hard materials like ice will lead to wear and tear of the blades. If you use it only for fruits and vegetables, for which it is intended, you will have a very long lasting durable product. 

    Q. What if the delivered juicer doesn't work / is in damaged condition? 

    A. All our products are tested before dispatch, however in the unlikely event that there is a defect, you can contact us via mail/whatsapp/call within 7 days of receiving it and we will replace it for you. You can check out the link in the page footer for our full Easy Returns Policy.

    Also, it is a good practice to make an opening video for any online purchase, which helps identify if there was any damage due to mishandling by courier, and helps us send you your replacement faster. 

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